The Oxbow Ultra


The Oxbow Ultra
6H, 12H, 24H, 24H Relay
Oxbow Lake
Saint Paul, VA

Registration at Ultra Signup: Oxbow Ultra Registration


Finisher medals will be awarded to all participants!

The overall male and female winner of each event will receive an award.


The Oxbow Ultra will be held beginning on Saturday, November 26th in St. Paul, Virginia. Six registration options are available- 6 hours Day, 6 hours Night, 12 hours Day, 12 hours Night, 24 hours, and a 24 hour relay. The start for for the day events will be 9am. The 6 hour Night and 12 hour Night event will begin at 9pm. Camping will be available at no charge. The course consists of a short paved section, wide packed dirt trails, and single track. The race will be limited to 100 total participants so register early!


The course consists of a 5 mile loop circling the scenic Oxbow Lake then turns onto single track and emerges onto a large open field on top of Sugar Hill. Participants will pass by the remnants of a French Settlement before descending onto the trail next to the Clinch River, one of the most biodiverse rivers in the United States. The trail then merges back onto a dirt road leading to the start/finish area.

History of the Area

The Oxbow Trail is the entryway to Sugar Hill. The trail encircles a lake created in the 1970s after large floods swept through the town of St. Paul. To prevent further flooding, the river was shortened, bypassing the town and leaving behind easy to develop land in a flood-free zone. The mile-long Oxbow Trail loops around the lake and joins the trails leading to Sugar Hill.

Sugar Hill contains the only public hiking trails along the Clinch River in Virginia. This river is Southwest Virginia’s hidden jewel and has been named by The Nature Conservancy as the number one river worth protecting in the entire continental United States. The average hiker is unlikely to stumble across the river’s rarest features — the two-foot-long Hellbender salamander and 21 types of federally threatened or endangered mussels and fish, for example. Even if you miss these rare species, though, a trip along Sugar Hill’s trails reveals an astonishing profusion of plant and animal life.

Established by French settlers in 1791, this area, marked by standing chimneys, was once called St. Marie on the Clinch. Later owners farmed the land, and in the 1930s, created a maple syrup and sugar operation known as Sugar Hill.

For further information on the early settlers and history, visit

24 Hour Team Relay

This years event will include a 24 hour relay option so gather up a few friends and get signed up! Teams will consist of 4 runners alternating the 5 mile loop for 24 hours. If a member of the relay team is unable to finish the full 24 hours, the team will be allowed to continue with 3 runners. Each member of the relay team will receive a medal. Overall team prize to be announced.

Rules & Etiquette

We are fortunate to be allowed the use of the trail system and in order for this race to continue and to be safe and fun for everyone, we ask that you respect the rules and the trail.

Absolutely no littering. Trash can be left at the aid stations.

Some sections of the trail are narrow. Let the runner ahead of you know you plan to pass them so they can provide room.

Be aware of runners who may need to pass and move to the side of the trail.

Be courteous to other runners and to our volunteers.

Packet Pickup

Packets can be picked up Friday evening at the race site as well as Saturday morning.


Participants will not be allowed to change events once the race has started. For safety reasons, please notify a volunteer if you wish to stop running prior to the end of your event or if you will be off the course for an extended period of time, such as stopping to sleep. This ensures we don’t come looking for you in the middle of the night! Credit will be given for completed laps only. You must complete the lap you are on before your event time is up for that lap to be counted in your total.